The best of 2017

Thanks to everyone for reading this year!  Since its launch in late February, The Interdependent Third Branch has had almost 300 posts.  Here are twelve of my favorites, in case you missed them the first time.

Why this blog? (February)

Could the Ninth Circuit rule on its own split? (March)

Public interest in the Supreme Court is high, but knowledge is low. Should we worry? (March)

The President’s unforced error on ABA vetting (April)

The judicial workplace (April) and its follow-up, Ontario judge who wore MAGA hat into his courtroom receives 30-day suspension without pay; did the Ontario Judicial Council overrreact? (September)

How a single ministerial appointment provides a window into the institutional character of the courts (May)

Some thoughts on the effort to recall Judge Aaron Persky (July)

On quiet judicial turnover (July)

A remarkable look inside India’s overburdened court system (August)

Tweeting judges, revisited (November)

Why trial experience matters for new district judges (December)

Happy New Year — and check back for much more in 2018!

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