How coronavirus is affecting the courts

A roundup of stories concerning the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on state and federal courts:

As coronavirus spreads, some courts shutter, others carry on

DOJ reverses course, tells immigration judges to post CDC posters about coronavirus pandemic

Virus’s Spread Has Courts Bracing for Quarantine Fights

With Threat of Coronavirus Looming, Eleventh Circuit Cancels Judicial Conference

Cook County Justice System Responds to Coronavirus Outbtreak

State and federal courts in Michigan respond to COVID-19 threat

Northern Ohio federal courts take steps to prevent coronavirus spread, though most operations continue as normal

Coughing jurors in coronavirus era will worsen delays for US trials

Virus Complicates Jury Trials as Courts Seek to Limit Spread

Vermont state courts may postpone trials

All jury trials postponed in federal courts in Seattle and Tacoma

Meanwhile, on an optimistic note, the federal Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure (the “Standing Committee”) announced yesterday that it plans to hold its regular June meeting. Hopefully we’re all back to regular operations well before then.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.


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