Posner defends new book to ABA Journal

Judge Richard Posner’s new book, focusing in large part on severe inadequacies in dealing with pro se litigation in the Seventh Circuit, has been subjected to criticism for divulging internal court memos, often interspersed with editorial comments.  In this article in the ABA Journal, Posner responds to some of the critique and reaction to his new book.

Previous coverage of Judge Posner’s book, and abrupt resignation from the bench, here and here.

I received my copy of the Posner book today.  Hopefully the substance of the discussion (especially that concerning pro se litigation and cameras in the courtroom) outweighs the airing of the Court’s dirty laundry.  More reactions to come.

Judge Posner’s new, self-published book raises eyebrows

Just days after retiring from his seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Richard Posner released his latest book, the awkwardly titled Reforming the Federal Judiciary: My Former Court Needs to Overhaul Its Staff Attorney Program and Begin Televising Its Oral Arguments.  The book is self-published, and apparently contains a significant number of internal memos from within the court.

The reviews are not good:

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Judge Richard Posner retires

Judge Richard Posner, a fixture on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for decades, has announced his retirement effective tomorrow, September 2. Judge Posner has been one of the leading American public intellectuals of my lifetime. Even (especially) when I disagreed with his conclusions (legal or otherwise) , I always enjoyed his crisp and compelling explanations for his position.

(h/t Howard Wasserman)