When “liking” a Facebook post is cause for judicial disqualification

At the IAALS Blog, Maddie Hosack relates the story of a Kentucky judge who was disqualified from presiding over a lawsuit involving the state’s Republican governor, after it was discovered that the judge had liked a Facebook post featuring the governor’s Democratic challenger in the upcoming election. It’s another reminder that judges must be extraordinarily cautious in their use of social media.


One thought on “When “liking” a Facebook post is cause for judicial disqualification”

  1. This is serious issue indeed. But I oppose all this. First, a judge should not at all use social media. He may read in social media, should in fact read in it, but, not using it at all. Not because of potential impartiality, but because of the fact, that, generally speaking, philosophically I mean, this is not appropriate conduct for a judge. Social media, many times, represent very vulgar, superstitious perception and behavior, judge should not get involved in such low conduct and activity. One judge, should manifest, the highest level and standards of professionalism, integrity, honesty. Social media, transmits typically the contrary ( in most of the cases ). However:

    Even so, just for granting ” like ” or ” dislike” one judge should not be disqualified. That is the meaning of being professional judge. Such thing, can’t divert him from impartiality and objectivity.He should overcome it easily. One judge, faces typically, much more amazing challenges, and yet, can’t be disqualified ( day by day ) :

    Suppose, conservative judge, facing and presiding in a case, of one defendant, homosexual one. Would he disqualify himself ? Of course not !! Wouldn’t it be greater challenge than the case brought here ? Of course yes ! Suppose one judge, presiding in a case of pedophile ( while having children or grandchild and alike). Suppose, one terrorist, committing horrific terror act on US soil, then what ? He would be disqualified ?

    If not there in such cases as mentioned, surly not, like/ dislike in facebook, with all due respect.



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