The best of 2019

As we reach the end of the year, I am resharing some of my favorite posts of 2019. For the first time, I was thrilled to feature the work of two guest bloggers, and several of their posts are included below.

On exasperated judges (January 10)

The importance of being Chief Justice (Lawrence Friedman, January 15)

For some state judges, lobbying is part of the job description (January 16)

The PACER class action and the problem of court funding (February 14)

The risk of upending settled doctrinal expectations (Lawrence Friedman, March 3)

What should we expect when Justice Alito and Kagan testify before Congress this week? (March 3)

Tweeting judges: a cautionary tale (March 20)

The affirmation alternative: a religious case for atheist oaths (Ryan Groff, April 22)

On federal laws and state courthouses (April 30)

Why did France just outlaw legal analytics? (June 7)

“Offended observers” and public religious displays: the question of standing (Lawrence Friedman, June 22)

On the politics of judicial identity (July 7)

Judge Larsen on State Courts in a Federal System (August 21)

The most pointless judicial election ever? (August 27)

A dispiriting 230th birthday for the federal courts (September 24)

On terrible judicial optics (October 3)

The importance of commitment to judicial accountability in Massachusetts (Lawrence Friedman, October 7)

What is the right level of court system transparency? (November 26)

The costs of judicial interdependence, Part I (December 26)

Here is the best of 2017 and 2018.

Thanks for reading, and please visit us frequently in 2020!

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