The best of 2020

Thanks to all my readers, old and new, for your curiosity and interest, and most importantly for sharing some of your time with us this past year. Here are some of my favorite posts from the past twelve months.

Five reasons why the federal judiciary’s proposed ban on Federalist Society affiliation is a terrible idea (January)

New York judge calls for reform to state bail law (February)

Still more embarassment for the “Chicago Way” of choosing judges (February)

On reforming the Supreme Court (March)

How coronavirus is affecting the courts (March)

Mini-symposium on judicial qualifications and experiential diversity (March):

The virtues of remote access to the Supreme Court (March)

What does a court hearing by videoconference look like? Here’s an example. (April)

COVID-19 and the courts: where we are and where we might be going (April)

The federal courts try to self-censor. A federal judge says no. (May)

Massachusetts courts embrace virtual hearings (June)

The cravenness of Democratic “Court reform” proposals (July)

Does the Roberts Court’s view of executive and legislative power present an alternative case for court reform? (July)

How far can Congress probe the judicial thought process? (July)

COVID’s silent victim in the courts: traditional due process (August)

The mortifying state of our Supreme Court confirmation politics (September)

Jurisdiction stripping is back, this time from the left (October)

On Biden, the Court, and what voters “deserve to know” (October)

A Senator beclowns herself at a Judiciary Committee meeting (again). Facebook rushes to her aid. (October)

Electoral chickens come home to roost in North Carolina courts (November)

State courts confront budget shortfalls in wake of COVID (November)

Making sense of the new PACER bill (December)

Here is the best of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Please visit early and often in 2021!

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