The best of 2021

With the turn of another calendar page, it’s time again to look back on my favorite posts of the past year. I’m thrilled to have had more unique page views in 2021 that any at time in this blog’s history. Thanks, as always, to my readers both new and old, and please come back frequently for more in 2022.

Enough. (January)

What should we expect of Biden when it comes to the judiciary? (February)

About that cat video… (February)

State courts come under legislative assault (March)

Portland’s federal courthouse attacked again (March)

Biden tips his hand on the next Supreme Court nominee (March)

Montana Republicans increase political pressure on state supreme court (May)

Two ways of pursuing justice (August)

Should judicial compensation be tied to performance evaluation results? (August)

What is fueling the federal courts’ response to the judicial recusal crisis? (October)

In Memoriam: Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. (December)

Here is the best of 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

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